Preparing for a move? These basic strategies and insights can ease the days leading up to your move.

Let’s face it, not one single person on the planet loves to move, even if they’re moving into a mansion on the top of the hill overlooking the ocean. If you’re like most of us, where your small move can feel like a very BIG move, have no fear – we’ve got some simple and targeted tips to help you see through the fog of relocating:

1. Purchase Boxes

The easiest way to transport your household belongings from point A to point B is to pack them nicely in boxes. Make sure you decide what goes together and which items need separate packaging before purchasing the boxes. Packing smaller, more delicate items in small boxes will help them travel more safely, and larger items in larger boxes. Newspaper for less fragile items, and bubble wrap for glass items are recommended.

Although you may be tempted to pack one large box with everything, we highly discourage this shortcut. Doing this will make the box extremely heavy and moving it around safely becomes a challenge. You also don’t want the possibility of items shifting around inside a large box because there are a lot of air gaps. Instead of investing in large boxes, purchase more small and medium-sized boxes. This will help your move go through smoothly and a lot faster.

Never pack household items in plastic bags, even if they are the durable construction kind. They are nearly impossible to store conveniently, and they don’t stack. In case you are worried about where you will find good quality packaging boxes, Home Depot is a great option. You can visit Home Depot’s website to check out how to go about purchasing packaging boxes. They have different sizes and you will be able to pick out boxes that suit the number of items you own.

2. Get Sorting 

One of the hardest things to do when moving is to give away items you don’t need anymore. If you’re moving to a smaller home, this is a mandatory step to take. Even if you are upgrading, there is no point in shifting junk from one home to another.

Start by clearing out one room at a time and divide the unwanted items into two piles:


It would be a good idea to start with the junk pile. You will be surprised by the amount of space you can clear by getting rid of junk. This extra space can be used for storing your packed boxes just before moving day.

If you are wondering what to do with your junk pile, you can visit Junk It Move It’s website to schedule a junk haul. With the junk out of your way, you can move on peacefully to the next step.

3. Decide What to Donate

After you get rid of your first junk pile, you can shift your attention to the second task: donations. If you have sufficient items to give away, you can contact nonprofit organizations like St. Vincent de Paul or Goodness Village to donate these items.

Such organizations may be willing to take items you offer as long as they are usable, but be sure to call ahead. These items could be anything ranging from clothes, toys, utensils, furniture, or even footwear. You can also get in touch with local organizations around you to see if they would be interested in taking this pile.

For some people, putting personal items in the donate pile or the junk file could be difficult. If you are wondering how to decide, then ask yourself this question: When was the last time you used the item? If it wasn’t any time within the last year, then decide whether it goes into the donations or the junk pile. If something is old, damaged, or not in good shape, it would be advisable to put it in the junk pile rather than the donation pile. If you have a small pile of items you want to donate but they are in good condition, it will make someone smile and you’ll feel good while you’re at it.

4. Get The Kids Involved

If you have kids, then you can ask them to make their piles also. You can always supervise and advise them, but encourage them to be independent and do this on their own. Reward them with a pizza to celebrate their achievement, or a treat from their favorite local spot. If you don’t have kids and the idea of creating these piles is overwhelming, call over some of your best friends or neighborhood children. You can celebrate together with a pizza from Porky’s Pizza or Primo’s Pizzeria & Pub to celebrate new beginnings.

5. Stay Ahead Of Time 

The last thing you want is to run out of time before your move. Try to stay one step ahead of your schedule and get everything sorted way ahead of time. This should include minor renovations, repairing or removing fixtures, disconnecting your internet and cable TV connection, scheduling the final time slots for movers to arrive, or finishing off any pending paperwork before the move.

6. Be Organized

Labels are your best friend when relocating. Start labeling everything that you can lay your eyes on. Make sure all boxes are color-coded with the right labels so it’s easy to spot them from a distance. You can also mark fragile and heavy items with a specific color as this will help the moving company.

Marking the items makes it easier for the movers to place boxes in their respective places at the new location. The labels also make unpacking a breeze since you know how and where to start. You can purchase some amazing color-coded labels from Amazon by clicking on this link.

7. Get Unpacked

Your move is complete only once you’ve settle into your new home. To do this, you need to have a game plan concerning how to tackle the boxes. Try getting the entire family involved to help unpack. Once the larger pieces of furniture like cabinets and cupboards are set up, delegate work to every member including the kids. This will help you unpack just as quickly and conveniently as you packed.

Moving homes is a big step but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be stressful. Making a few right choices will make moving day a breeze. It is time to enjoy your new home and pack away your stress.

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