If you have a move coming up and packing your clothes has you scratching your head thinking, “What’s the best way to do it?” and, “Where do I start?”… look no further.

We have hacks for making major space/time-saving measures that will reduce your stress and your overall baggage when getting ready to relocate. These insights can even help save on supplies, so you’ll be able to maximize the space in your boxes and save some mula in your wallet. Without further ado, here some tips to get packing your clothes without losing your mind:


1. Categorize Your Clothing

In order to streamline the UNpacking process, pack your items according to their location in your home. For example, by drawer or by furniture piece, and by location (ie. Closet or clothing bins). Be sure to label your boxes with the location, and maybe even the clothing owners name (children’s names, etc) as the second line. You can imagine if someone has multiple children, how confusing and time consuming it could become to figure out which boxes have what in them as they are being unpacked. Buy a Costco pack of thick black markers and label away!

Pro Packing Tip: Use your packing time to quickly pull out clothing that you haven’t worn in a while to reduce the amount of unwanted clothing being transferred to the new home.


2. Choose the Right Supplies

A big part of packing is WHAT you pack your clothing in. For clothing specifically, we recommend medium boxes so that they are easy to transport. It might feel easier to dump everything from one dresser into one large box, but don’t be tempted! This can be cumbersome to move, and also leaves more room for the clothing to float around inside the box and become wrinkled.

Additionally, if you have a lot of clothing hanging in the closet, we recommend picking up (or requesting from your movers) some wardrobe boxes. These are tall boxes that have a metal bar across the top so you can just transfer things from the closet directly to the box without folding them or having to remove the hanger. If you have fine designer clothing, be sure to put them into garment bags, and then hang them inside the wardrobe boxes so they’re extra protected.

Pro Packing Tip: Use your travel luggage to pack your clothing as well, to save money on boxes.


3. Find Your Packing Method

I’d like to say: “There’s no right or wrong way to pack clothing,” but I’d be lying – because there really are some methods that work out better than others for various reasons. With that being said, there are several methods that work quite well, and you can choose which packing method you prefer.

Fold: This is for those who have neatly folded clothing in their drawers or bins already and are easy to just move from one location to the box. It takes the least time to unpack and everything is nice and neat.

Roll: Lots of folks use this method when packing for travel, and it also works for moving – especially if your clothing is already rolled in your drawers or maybe isn’t folded in it’s current location.

But what about shoes? These are in their own category, and we recommend watching this video to learn some tips on packing shoes.

Pro Packing Tip: If you are using wardrobe boxes, there is almost always room at the bottom of the boxes for shoes. Go ahead and use this extra space to pack shoes and minimize boxes.


4. Reward Yourself

This is optional, but we think you deserve a break for accomplishing this big task as part of your upcoming move. Try taking the kids to Small Cakes for a sweet treat, or some happy hour for the adults at Lokanta Mediterranean food for wine and appetizers. However you choose to reward yourself, be sure to stop and see this is a huge step closer to your final move – cheers!

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