If you are wondering how you can better utilize the space in your garage, here are 9 inspirational ideas to get your New Year’s started right!

We all love a clean home, and it’s easy to dump our clutter in the garage outside to maintain a beautiful living area inside. Out of sight, out of mind, right? But it’s only when the garage begins to fill up with unnecessary things and there is no space in it anymore, that we realize that the garage just needs to be cleaned out – I’ve been there too! Removal of clutter from the garage can make a huge difference to the space, and many things can be done with an organized and clean garage.

1. Create A Play Area For Your Kids

Do you always complain that your house is too messy, or that there are stains on the walls, or you’re your carpets are almost impossible to clean? With a cleaned garage, you can create an interactive play area for your kids and you no longer have to worry about the mess in the house.

Unleash your child’s imagination and let them do what they want in that space. Encourage them to get as messy as they would like. You can use plastic sheets from the dollar store to cover the floor area for easy cleanup. Not only does a separate area help you get some time to relax, but it also allows your child to explore their creativity beyond measure.

You can also set up a small hobby section where they can learn something new. This section will also come in handy when their friends come over because you will no longer have to worry about controlling a bunch of kids that can wreak havoc in your house.

2. Create Your Own Den

Why should kids have all the fun? If you have sufficient space in your garage or your kids have moved out, then you can create your little den in there. You can fit a large screen projector along with recliner couches, or bring in a pool table, a foosball table, or simply create your little getaway in your garage to relax. You can also invest in a massage table along with a few scented candles and unwind at the end of a long tiring day.

3. Explore Your Creativity

Is there a hobby you’ve been longing to pursue? This is something you can now do when you clean out your garage. Getting in professionals like Junk It Move It to clean out your garage will help you sort out the space a lot easier and you can transform it into anything you want.

If you are into crafts and you want to try some DIY, you can customize your workbench and let your creativity come to life in this space. Things like stained-glassmaking, woodwork, painting, or a makeup counter with beauty lights are all things that can easily be set up and will help bring some extra joy into your life.

4. Use The Wall Space
When cleaning out the garage, it’s important to remember it’s not just the floor space you need to take into consideration. A thorough cleanup could involve having shelves fitted along the walls so you can store things vertically and that frees up the floor space. When fitting the shelves, make sure they are categorized and labeled. This will give you a clear idea of what goes where, and you will manage to stay in control of what you put in your garage.

You could also invest in storage racks and bins to use for your storage requirements. Items that are less likely to be used during the year should go on the higher racks and the ones you need regularly should be made accessible. This ensures you don’t veer from your organization and help you not to struggle to find the things you need. Something that’s easy to practice slowly becomes a routine.

5. Create Your Gym Area

Staying fit is important, we all know this, but these days we are struggling with gym memberships or just don’t feel comfortable going to the gym. Why not convert your garage into a personal gym? You can invest in a few weights and cardio machines such as a treadmill or a stepper and get a large mirror fitted on the wall. Install a music system or simply work out while listening to music on your iPod.

The best part about converting your garage space into a gym is you can put up motivational posters, and no one is going to judge you. So, whether it is Dwayne Johnson or Dani Speegle, you can admire your inspiration and burn the fat away. If you are not into intense workouts, you can also create a yoga or a meditation space that will help you attain nirvana, so to speak.

6. Unleash The Musician In You
If you or your family loves music, then a music area in your garage is the perfect solution! This could include anything from a karaoke set to drums, or even an electric guitar or a jukebox. The best part of it is that it’s out of the house and the noise is filtered a bit for those household members who may not appreciate the extra noise. For those that have an unfulfilled dream of being part of a college band, it is never too late to get started with a cleaned-out garage.

7. Park Your Car

The obvious use of a garage is to park your car, isn’t it? However, that is seldom the case with most people. Almost all homeowners tend to use their garage as a storage space and park their car elsewhere. You will be surprised to see the number of people that use their driveways or sidewalks to park their car because they’ve simply run out of space in the garage.

If you are planning to haul the junk out of your garage, then it’s important to get organized. You’ll need to ensure that your garage is accessible and there aren’t too many things blocking the entry or exit. If you struggle to get your car in and out of the garage, you will eventually stop parking it in there and endure scolding hot seats in the summer and frozen windshields in the winter. Why not declutter and give your car it’s home back?

8. Create A Kitchen Storage Space Or A Pantry
If you have a big family and dislike those frequent trips to the grocery store, then something to consider is converting your garage into an extra pantry area. Or maybe in general your kitchen storage is limited, but you are great at getting great deals on food items that never seem to fit in the cupboards inside. Consider adding extra cupboards in the garage that give you the space you need to organize your food and make it easier to access, because having cans fall down on your toes because the shelf is too full in the kitchen isn’t fun! Maybe even find a gently used refrigerator to put out there, and a stainless-steel countertop if you want to do some meal prepping too.

9. Create a Film Studio
The garage is a great place to set up a mini film studio or backdrop for your YouTube channel. With endless topics of interest, you can easily set up a green screen, tripod, and maybe a table to record your unique videos that give you a sense of purpose. With a free membership and simple digital editing tools available for the backend, YouTube can give you countless hours of creating fun that helps you share your insights with the world. Now find your passion and get camera ready in 3..2..1!

Cleaning out your garage isn’t as big of an ordeal as folks make it, but if for some reason you feel overwhelmed to start, there is no shame in calling in professionals like Junk It Move It to give you a push. Once they begin the journey, it’s easier to follow through. Let your garage no longer be a space to dump stuff you don’t need anymore. Turn it into something meaningful and let it reflect your true personality.

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